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Datu Sikatuna was the chieftain of Bohol. His real name was “Katuna” but “Si”, a nominative marker for a Filipino, was added to his name. His ancestor was from the Dapitan Kingdom.

He made a blood compact and alliance with the Spanish conquistador, Miguel López de Legazpi on March 16, 1565. Legazpi explained to Datu Sikatuna and Datu Sigala of Loboc that he was not Portuguese, like Ferdinand Magellan who was killed in Mactan by Lapu Lapu, and had come in peace. The kings were convinced to end their hostility and to enter a pact of friendship.

In that Blood Compact, Sikatuna and Legazpi each made a cut on the left arm and collected blood which they then mixed with wine. They drank the mixture of their blood. Sikatuna swore by his ancestral Anito and Bathala, while Legazpi drank to the common cause – friendship.

After Legazpi was assured of the aid of Sikatuna and Sigala, he decided to try establishing a permanent Spanish settlement in Cebu.

The “Order of Sikatuna”, a presidential award and recognition conferred upon visting dignitaries was established to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the first treaty and friendship and comity.




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